Video footage of RS Foundation’s ocular surgeries and eye care project.

M. Shakil Khan: restored eyesight beneficiary

Saida Khatoon: Restored eyesight beneficiary


Video footage of RS Foundation’s Water for Life project in internally displaced population camps in Bangladesh.

Expressing Gratitude: Beneficiaries of our clean water project


Nargis: A+ student at Saidpur Education Centre

Chanda: Empowered Entrepreneur

Basic Needs

Irfan Azam: Making a Difference


Video montage that shows the plight of the internally displaced population camps in Bangladesh. Film and photography by British photojournalist Hanna Adcock. With thanks to RS Foundation; OBAT Helpers; and Rangpur, Saidpur and Dhaka camp communities.


The documentary was filmed and produced by Swedish freelance journalists Kalle Bergbom and Jonas Gratzer and describes the conditions and situation of the Rohingya in displaced population camps in Sittwe.



CBC documentary INDIA REBORN charts the kaleidoscopic rise of one of the world’s newest and most unlikely superpowers. Epic and cinematic in scope, each episode unfolds with fascinating intimacy and insight revealing characters who reflect India’s dramatic transformation. Touching issues of society, politics, poverty, entertainment and food, INDIA REBORN is a potent mixture of dreams and despair, an entertaining and informative window into a land that could soon shape the future of the world.

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Zebunnisa: Life in a displaced population camp